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Litogranito<BR />GRA 222

GRA 222 levigato

LITOGRANITO is a material similar to natural granite in terms of resistance and compactness, with the same degree of prestige and intrinsic beauty.

It is especially suited to all flooring with a heavy walking traffic where mechanical stress resistance is required as well as a prestigious and high quality look, and also for ventilated facade and wall linings.

Laying and polishing. They are undertaken using the same procedures and the same machines, abrasives and products usually employed on natural granite. After initial coating with coarse grain abrasives we advise to proceed with grouting of the floor. We are therefore supplying coloured cement to match the base colour. Where oil and non-acid substance proofing is required after laying the floor it is possible to apply an impregnation treatment using water and oil repellant products normally available on the market. Follow the manufacturer's instructions as concerns the use of the impregnation substances.

Manufactured goods in LITOGRANITO
The following items can be produced: SKIRTING 30-40 x 7 cm., thickness 1.3 cm. approx, cut from the tiles TREADS and RISERS for steps, WINKEL STEPS, DOORSTONES, WINDOW SILLS and SLABS with a minimum thickness of 4 cm. Due to the different production techniques used these items may slightly vary in colour as compared to the tiles.

The correspondence of our materials to the samples and catalogues must be considered as indicative.